Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Use of Family Maps

Family Maps are a very important research when searching for your family.  There are a series of books that have plat maps with the names of the owners of the land on them.  Gregory Boyd has created these styles of maps for many different states. The benefit of using these maps is that they might tell you if your family owned land in the county they were living.  For counties, like Barry County, that have had their records destroyed, we can still go to the county and look at the land records.

While researching the Burketts, I ran across the Family Map book for Barry County, Missouri.  I decided that I would look for my family and found the land that Charles and his son Aaron Burkett owned.  

Next post will have the results from the previously mentioned Power of Attorney Records.


  1. Yay Land records! I love how much they can tell about the family's circumstance. How was that map book organized?

  2. I have not heard about maps by Gregory Boyd. I just googled him and found that he has maps for my state. I'm going to have to research more into this. Nice tip. Thanks

  3. The Library has a copy of these maps in the map collection on the 2nd floor.

  4. Thanks for the tip. I will check it out!

  5. My great grandfather was Aron Brown Burkett. He married Missouri McGlothlin in Barry County Missouri in 1873. My grandmother was Ida, in 1880 Census as Iota, Burkett born in 1875. I knew from my grandmother that her mother died in a tornado when she was very young and that she then had to care for her 2 younger sisters. Yet I can find no record of Missouri McGlothlin Burkett's death. Another researcher emailed me that she died in 1881, so that was helpful. Since Charles Burkett is my great great grandfather I am always interested in learning more about the Burkett family and their history--when they emigrated and from where. Any info is greatly appreciated.
    Colette Bruegel

    1. Colette,
      It is great to find someone who is doing research on the Burkett line. I have some interesting information about Charles and the rest of the family. I would like to get in better contact with you and I can share the information that I have found with you. You can contact me at Just as a teaser I have learned that Charles was born in Tennessee and had two wives. After Elizabeth died he married my direct line ancestor Margaret Rice. I am the 3rd great grandson of Charles and Margaret.
      Brandon Baird

  6. Brandon,
    Great to hear back from you. I'm hoping we can fill in gaps for each other. My email is I'm still trying to find out what happened to Aron Brown Burkett after his wife Missouri died. According to my mom and grandmother Brown left Missouri with the children and headed west to "live with relatives" possibly in Texas. The 2 younger girls died at some point and my grandmother Ida or Iota ended up in Oklahoma Choctaw Indian Territory where she gave birth to my 2 uncles in 1895 and 1897. The next time Brown Burkett shows up is the 1900 Census living in Barry with his brother Charles. There is a big mystery surrounding my grandmother Ida and who her husband was in Oklahoma and Kansas and who exactly fathered my 2 uncles. She later officially married my my mom's father in Canada and my mom was born in Michigan. So the years between 1880 and 1900 and 1900 and 1908 are a mystery as far as my grandmother Ida is concerned.

  7. Hi Brandon,
    I have tried twice to send emails to the address given, but they continue to come back with error messages. I guess that you will have to send me an email at for us to connect.